Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Knitting Items Of Note

Installment 3 of Stash Knit Repeat's excellent Fit to Flatter series is up, and features lots of patterns from the latest Twist Collective! Stop by and check it out!

While we're at it, one of my very favorite bloggers, Techknitter, has also started a less-regular series of posts about Designing and Fitting Knitwear, the second of which is available this week. Techknitter always does a fabulous job of not only explaining and illustrating how to do something, but also why the yarn or fabric behaves in certain ways. It's gotten to the point where I will check the Techknitting site before I Google when I'm looking for instructions on a technique that's new to me. If I can work up the nerve, I plan to write and ask for permission to use some of the illustrations for the class I'm teaching in July (with full credit and links, of course); I have no idea whether the request will be granted, but regardless, I will be encouraging my students to check out the site.

(By the way, Techknitter has an awesome article on Mastering Kitchener Stitch in the Spring 2010 Interweave Knits that is definitely worth the read!)

Last but not least, Kira K. is a great local designer (she actually lives in my neighborhood) whose designs have been featured in She teaches knitting, crochet, and sewing in many local stores and venues. I took a beaded knitting class from her at Knit One One a couple years ago and really appreciated her informative yet laidback teaching style, and I had a great time helping her out at her booth at Stitches West this spring. She's teaching a series of 4 classes on Knitted and Crocheted Skirts at Piedmont Yarn (Flash warning) starting May 22. If I can make my schedule work AND get over my intention of losing some weight before I try knitting a skirt, I hope to sign up. She's got a variety of skirt patterns to work with a variety of body shapes.

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